Syllabus for Post Graduation

The LL.M. course is available in Three specializations. (Groups)


Group I Constitutional And Administrative Law
Paper I – Constitutionalism : Pluralism and Federalism
Paper II – National Security Public Order and Rule of Law
Paper III- Comparative Constitutional Law
Paper IV – Administrative Process : Nature and Scope
Paper V – Administrative Process and Judicial Control
Paper VI – Public Authorities and Power Holders : Controls on Maladministration


Group II Business Law

Paper I – Fundamental Principles of Law of Contract and Allied Laws
Paper II – Global Trade under World Trade Organisation
Paper III – Corporate Law
Paper IV – Law Relating to Customs and Foreign Exchange
Paper V – Law of Insurance
Paper VI – Banking Laws


Group V Criminal Law and Criminal Administration

Paper I – Criminal Jurisprudence
Paper II – Penal Laws
Paper III- Criminology
Paper IV – Collective Violence and Criminal Justice System
Paper V – Penology : Treatment of Offenders
Paper VI – Forensic Science and Scientific Investigation of Crime